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The Alexander Group is a recruiting firm specializing in the identification, recruitment and placement of permanent employees in the field of Healthcare. Founded by a former business executive in 1980, the Alexander Group strives to provide service above and beyond the expectations of both client and candidate. To do this we listen, carefully, to what both parties want and need, we clarify and ask questions to develop a complete picture of what a hiring authority needs and wants in a candidate and what a candidate seeks in making a change.

We listen in other ways too. We listen for the fine points which make an opening , not just a job, but a career move, a chance to learn and grow. We listen to what will make a candidate, not just an applicant, but a top notch individual with skills, goals and ideas that can contribute to a successful Healthcare Department. Our association with a large group of independent recruiters specializing in Healthcare adds to the services we provide by expanding our search capabilities. The Alexander Group stands ready to serve the Best In Healthcare.


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